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ELF - White Leaves - cover art by A-Nessessary-Studio ELF - White Leaves - cover art by A-Nessessary-Studio
This story has been published Here :
It is FREE to read! +vote for it in March 2013!
It is the #1 voter rated Serial on JukePop Serials for two months in a row!!
It's been 4* reviewed.
And I've been interviewed, twice, for its general successes.
More reviews are also coming soon!
And the Story's FINALE' is March 2013!

Cover art for my story, E.L.F, White Leaves, recently accepted for publocation in serial form on!!!
This piece has been donee once before, but i revamped it, touched it up a lil bit, and selected different fonts n layout and such.

If you havent heard of yet, i encourage you all to check it out!
many great stories by many authors being released in serial form!

Website opens for beta launch in late september!

I hope to release about four chapters a month, but no less than two chapters a month for sure!

So be sure to follow the story as it comes to life.

Shannon Hunter, a young Earth Liberation Front eco-terrorist discovers the true protectors of the earth, real live Elves, are fed up with mankind's wanton destruction of nature, and high time has come to exterminate man and end the ravaging of the planet in order to save the Tree of Life.
But the elves are about to make a terrible mistake, and it is up to shannon to find a way to unlock the secrets of the White Leaves, and save even the elves from themselves.
fernicar Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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September 10, 2012
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